2. Easy Boot Glove édition 2010 (chaussure seule)

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The Glove comes without fixing the hooves and thus allows the hoof mechanism. Off and on possible in a few seconds.


See here a small video which shows you how to put on or take off the hoof glove. www.pflegenet.de/download-pferde/easyboot-deutsch-heunetz.wmv


You can also get more information at: www.easyboot-glove.com.


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This allows the model to be used during the conversion to bare hoof without compromising the health of the horses. Until now, we have rejected hoof shoes during conversion because these shoes almost always constrict the hoof itself and inhibit the hoof mechanism that is so important for the horse's health. This is not the case with the Glove.


For this reason, the Glove is also recommended according to the barefoot method of the veterinarian Dr. Straßer; namely, during the conversion from horseshoes to barefoot and during the conversion from unshod forced hooves to functioning hooves.




In this case, the shoe is recommended as long as a not yet elastic hoof corium still causes widening pain. This widening pain occurs mainly when flattening the sole and widening the horn capsule during the loading phase on uneven Ground.

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